What Space You Inhabit

Ours is a permutation of the wisdom of the biosphere.
Lynn Margulis and Dorion Sagan
Center in on the question of what
in you communes with the center
of the space you inhabit, now,
including, perhaps, this paper
with words amid words circling
around the Copernican question
of what in you is eccentric enough
in the pattern of human life, yours,
a strange life, turns to the question
of how you became so deviant
in life to be an individual, the center
of all questions, so human a focus
on one heart, yours, that circulates
blood, yours, that carries, sheds
a breath, yours, that beats a rhythm,
all yours, the systole song of your
center valving motion in stop starts,
stop starts, all your own, apart
from mine, apart from reason
which for many years has said no
planet is the center, but a sun
that bobs through the Milky Way
in its own orbit among the many
of the multiverse that commune
on greater, lesser levels as you
to what space you inhabit right
now in this moment of many
from which your brief life must
struggle to rotate around its center.

Oyez Review, Volume 42, Spring 2015