Selected Poems Published in Print Journals
Snow Day 
Some Mornings
Penelope Reworks Her Threads
Our Short Walks
Unfamiliar Country
The Smallest Chores
What Space You Inhabit
Bottom Prairie
excerpt from “Unintentional Guide to the Big City”
Moon  (audio)
Garden in Sochi
A Winter’s Night When Three
Prelude #15 in D-flat Major   (video: Prelude15 – produced by See More Perspective)
Remembering Spain

Selected Poems Published in Online Journals
Heave and Brace
Solastalgia // Composition
What the Rake Turns Up  // Us
White Gladiolas in an Unused Jar
Talking to My Daughters About God
“Wild Honey Has the Scent of Freedom”
“The King’s Circus”

“By Design”
“The Origin”

“From Conversations Imagined”
“What Passes in a Season”
“Truth of a Kind”
“Night Watch”

Book Reviews
Review of Through a Grainy Landscape by Millicent Borges Accardi
Review of fretwork by Michele Glazer
Review of Cold Candies by Lee Young-Ju
“How does one define spirit / without blood / to make the body known”: A Review of Fiona Sze-Lorrain’s Rain in Plural
“but what line of sight leads to revelation?”: On Sight Lines by Arthur Sze
“I don’t know exactly / what real life is like”: On Thicket by Cate Peebles
“Little fang of light”: On Soft Volcano by Libby Burton
One Mortal Little Body”: On The Carrying by Ada Limón
“…to test for the sweet certainty / of ripeness”: On The Zoo at Night
by Susan Gubernat
“I wish more poets would write about money”: On The Market Wonders by Susan Briante
Raymond Roseliep: Man of Art Who Loves the Rose, by Donna Bauery
“’How Much That Want Matters’: On Bright Dead Things by Ada Limón”
Let me LOOK at you”: On Look by Solmaz Sharif”

“Here, Our Sweet Rustlings”: A Conversations with Michael Kleber-Diggs
“You’re More / Than Starlight in Ashes”: A Conversation with Fady Joudah
A Conversation with William Evans in The Adroit Journal, Issue 35
“In this Broken Unbroken Place”: A Conversation with Tracy Zeman
“We Are More Than Our Breaks” A Conversation with Brooke Matson
“Fashioning a Mirror of Her Own”: A Conversation with Kimiko Hahn
“might we hunger with a little more wisdom”: A Conversation with Corrie Williamson
“He unlearns how to hold a fist / with my hand”: A Conversation with Jake Skeets
“The quiet space in my memory”: A Conversation with John McCarthy
“the aching hungers that drive us”: A Conversation with Francesca Bell
“To Turn Every Speck of Darkness into a Spectacle”: an interview with Saddiq Dzukogi, Quiddity International Literary Journal, Volume 11.2, 2018
“I’m My Best, Most Critical Editor”: A Conversation with Eloisa Amezcua